In the field of security and privacy we are able to perform assessments and offer services in the area of cyber security. Some examples are security assessments in a day/week, certification processes, building a SOC or SIEM solution on a tactical level, the support of a transition process to Managed Security Service Providers or the set up of a cyber security strategy within your organization.




With a number of key partners, we are able to fill in the above mentioned activities in a professional way. Atos Consulting, SSH, Redsocks, Easy2Audit, Exclusive Networks and Log Rhythm are examples of partners, with which we co-operate and are able to realize your goals.

For different solutions we have several partners available, so we are independent and we can create the right solution custom-made based on your risk profile.



Cyber4Z in brief


With more than 40 years of combined experience in IT and (Cyber) security of both of the founders, Mathé Grippeling and Rob Mellegers, Cyber4Z supplies innovative solutions and advises companies in their cyber security strategy.


Together with the knowledge and experience of Maaike Werson, Matthijs Nelissen and Thierry van der Vliet, Cyber4Z advises in IT with a strong focus on Cyber Security. Hereby continuously thriving to find the balance between Business, IT, Security and Privacy. Finally, to realize the business goals of our clients and, in some cases, the clients of our clients. These business goals are determined for a large part by law-and regulations, customer requirements and rules of compliance.


 predict, prevent, detect, respond, remediate




‘Dutch Cyber resilience to improve on growing threat'



The cybersecurity image of the Netherlands 2017, which is distributed by the Dutch National Cyber Security center (NCSC) shows that companies, governments and citizens are not dealing fast enough with growing digital threats.


Research shows that people choose a quick solution instead of a safe one at home and also at work. Organizations are becoming increasingly aware of risks. Nevertheless, they do not take basic measures like installing so-called security patches. This applies to both small and large organizations, which makes them vulnerable to be infected with malware.


Moreover, criminals developing new attack vectors all the time. For example, more attacks are being executed on organizations with ransomware. Special attention is given to the Internet of things (IoT). Large DDoS attacks also run through 'regular' devices such as routers, webcams and digital TV receivers.


The advice for organizations is that they reserve financial means to make and keep the network safe. If you are interested in what the possibilities are for you, please contact us at 4Z4U@cyber4z.com or by telephone at + 31 85 1301472. We are at your service.



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