Cyber4Z in short

Cyber4Z started in 2015 with two specialists experienced in the cybersecurity domain. We now have a team with various capabilities in the field of strategic and tactical design of cyber security, IT, Privacy and Blockchain technology.

In addition, we are involved in technical and tactical implementations of complex security challenges that focus on the acceptance of new technologies in a pragmatic way. With our expertise and experience, we can guarantee the business objectives of our clients. These are widely determined by laws and regulations, customer requirements and rules of compliance.

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  • Detect

  • Respond

  • Remediate

Who are we?

Our team consists of certified professionals. Quality is our top priority. The technical and tactical implementations we deliver from the strategic design can be externally certified against the ISO9001, ISO27001, NEN7510 or other standards. Therewith we can have our quality tested externally as well. In addition, we provide operational knowledge when it comes to technical security assessments such as penetration tests, project management, SOC / SIEM propositions with connecting services such as log management, vulnerability and compliance management, patch management, training in the field of privacy, security and blockchain technology.

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Business and government work on risk model and Cybersecurity quality mark

Easier assessment of risks of cybercrime with targeted advice. More insight into the skills and reliability of the cybersecurity service provider that can help increase cyber resilience of the business community. That is the aim of the new risk model and the Cybersecurity quality mark that the Center for Crime Prevention and Safety (the CCV) develops in cooperation with the Association of Insurers, VNO-NCW, MKB-Nederland, CIO Platform Netherlands, the Netherlands ICT, Cyber-Safe Netherlands and Partnering Trust. The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate, the Ministry of Justice and Security and Police support the initiative.

Risk model
A risk model will help entrepreneurs and suppliers to better assess their risk of a cyber incident and provide tailor-made advice. Martine Hoofwijk, consultant at the CCV and project leader of this project, explains: "The goal is to develop an independent and objective model that will be widely supported and used. The model gives entrepreneurs, suppliers and insurers insight into the risks with regard to information security. The model also gives the desired level of security measures to be taken for each risk class. This means that entrepreneurs know that the advice fits their situation. The intended security measures will focus on organization, technology and people."

Quality mark
Settling files through ransomware, theft or loss of data, failure of important systems; organizations are hit daily by cyber threats, from the smallest companies to multinationals. Cyber risks are large and the consequences are often difficult to oversee for entrepreneurs. An expert is regularly called in to prevent cybercrime, but how can you trust that he offers the solution that suits you? Hoofwijk: "A quality mark can help. In combination with the risk model, you know for sure that the security fits your risk and that you are dealing with good products, good services and a reliable company."

Operational in 2019
All parties agree that the quality mark and the risk model should come. To achieve this, the parties have set up a Board of Stakeholders for Cybersecurity. The first meeting took place in May. "We first have to discuss with each other how we should design the model and the certification scheme and how we fit in with the many initiatives that are already in place. We aim to be able to test the first version of the risk model and the certification scheme in 2019, "says the project leader.

Source: Infosecurity magazine